Sitemap - 2023 - Secret Sleuths

A happy sleuthing Christmas

Mr Leroy and the case of the gold traffickers

Shadowing lovers across the Atlantic

A fatal affair

A paying patient

Who was Mrs Johnston?

James Badger and the 'mad' heiress

Mrs Ambrose and the young detective

Should detectives be trusted?

Sleightholme's Detective Agency

Slander among builders

Board, lodging, and illicit relationships

The debtor detective

Miss Davies, the eagle-eyed detective

The Gaiety Girl divorce case

A clever girl detective

Private Inquiries

Kimptonism - or the art of blackmail

The detective and the clairvoyant

The Liscard Notepaper Case

Thomas Voy and the lady detective

A musical divorce and a double-crossing detective

Leach's Detective Bureau: A Family Affair

The nuisance of private detectives

The organist's elopement

Sleeping with the enemy

The Maharaja's detective

The hospitality of adulterous men

Faking evidence for the Russian lieutenant

The private detective and the society suit

Bradford's lady detective

A fatal investigation into sex work

The poisoning of Hugh Trevanion

"Nothing's impossible": Advertising Reid's Enquiry Agency

A death sentence for a private detective

The Don of the Dud Detectives

An Englishman abroad

'A professional Sherlock Holmes'

"The evidence is very poor"

"Watching for thieves and bad characters"

A short and mysterious life

The man with two names

The detective who pretended to be his own son

The detective debtor

Dale's Private Detective Agency

Chasing down a bigamist

What did clients want private detectives to do?

The detective who chased his wife with a carving knife

The case of the adulterous lace manufacturer

Finding evidence to justify the pay

Investigating Leicester